Swimming and Boating*

Swimming and Boating*

Shallow swimming (in up to 6 feet of water) and deep water swimming (in 5-18 feet of water, ages 10 and up only permitted in the deep water swim area) is great for all ages.

Everyone wishing to swim or boat must wear a Coast Guard-approved floatation device.

Swimming during family swim times is included at no extra charge to YMCA Members.
All members and guests must check in at Member Services first. Members and guests must check in with the lifeguards when they arrive at the waterfront. Guests must also present a “PAID” receipt to the lifeguards before utilizing the waterfront.

Boating and Swimming are great for birthday parties, family reunions and get-togethers.

*Swimming and Boating are seasonal, only offered in the summer.

Up to 50 guests: $40
51-75 guests: additional $15 per hour
76-100 guests: additional $30 per hour
101-125 guests: additional $45 per hour
126-150 guests: additional $60 per hour

Boating and Kayaking

Open water kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boating. There’s even specially designed kayaks just for kids called funyaks. The kayaks are great for individual rides but the paddle boats and canoes are great for the family. Paddles boats can hold up to 5 people and canoes, up to three.

Everyone riding in the boats must wear personal flotation devices at all times.
Boating and Kayaking during family swim times are included at no extra charge to YMCA Members.