Northwest - 6-12 year olds - Swim Lessons - Stage 1 - Water Acclimation

#2WA – 4:50pm – 6 to 12 Year old – Water Acclimation

NorthWest Family YMCA

Stage 1: Water Acclimation
Students develop comfort with underwater exploration and learn to safely exit in the event of falling into a body of water in stage 1. This stage lays the foundation that allows for a student’s future progress in swimming. Students in this stage focus on the following:
1. Exploring the aquatic environment and personal skills with instructor help
2. Developing basic skills to propel and glide through the water with instructor help
3. Learning basic aquatic safety and accepting some of the responsibility for safe practices
Mon-Thurs for two weeks 4:50-5:20pm. $40 members / $80 non members.

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6 - 12
Registration Dates:
06/04/19 - 06/22/19
Program Dates:
06/24/19 - 07/03/19
Program Days:
Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur
Program Times:
4:50 PM - 5:20 PM
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