The YMCA has long been America’s favorite swimming instructor. Whether just learning how to swim, improving strokes or taking water exercise classes, members are in safe hands with our certified swimming instructors and lifeguards.

Swimming is a life skill as well as great exercise and a challenging sport. Our Ys offer swim lessons for all ages, family swim, competitive swimming, and adaptive swim programs for kids with special needs, so we can all safely enjoy the pleasures of an aquatic environment.

The aquatics programs at the Y are about more than just the techniques and skills; they are about building friendships, developing self-esteem and creating positive experiences that will last a lifetime. Many of our locations offer indoor pools, providing aquatics opportunities all year long.

Now offering NEW Swim Lesson Curriculum!

There are now three general categories of Y Swim Lessons: ·  Swim Starters develops water enrichment and aquatic readiness in children ages 6 months to 3 years. This category focuses on developing swim readiness skills through fun and confidence-building experiences. Parents also learn how to supervise children in the water, how to prevent accidents and how to plan for emergencies.

· Swim Basics develops personal water safety and basic swimming skills in students of all ages. Swimmers develop a high level of comfort in the water by practicing safe water habits, engaging in underwater exploration, and learning how to swim to safety and exit if they fall into a body of water.

· Swim Strokes introduces and refines stroke technique in older students (school age, teens and adults). Having mastered the fundamentals, students learn additional water safety skills and build stroke technique, developing skills that prevent chronic disease, increase social-emotional and cognitive well-being and foster a lifetime of physical activity.

The skill-based approach is designed to meet the needs of the people we serve in a variety of ways:
– It welcomes students of varying and diverse abilities, ensuring everyone feels like they belong.
– It fosters a sense of achievement from the start.
– It emphasizes group activities that encourage relationship building.
– It is grounded in a skill continuum that allows students to flow easily from one skill to the next, with clearly defined stages of progress along the way.

Find the right level for your swimmer

2018 Swim Lesson Session Dates

4 week sessions (Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays):

May 7 – May 31

August 27 – September 20

September 24 – October 18

October 22 – November 15

November 19 – December 13

8 week sessions (Saturdays):

May 5 – June 23

June 30 – August 18

August 25 – October 13

October 20 – December 8

2 week sessions (Summer):

June 11 – June 21

June 25 – July 5

July 9 – July 19

July 23 – August 2

August 6 – August 16

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Jeep Rogers Family YMCA Aquatics

Lexington Family YMCA Aquatics

NorthWest Family YMCA Aquatics

Orangeburg County YMCA Aquatics



#2W – Saturday – 8:45am – 6-36 months

Orangeburg YMCA

Ages: 0 - 3

Program Dates: Aug 25 2018 - Oct 13 2018

Member: $30.00

Non-Member: $45.00

Online Registration Will Start on August 9, 2018

#2WA – Saturday – 915am – 3 to 5 Year old – Water Acclimation

NorthWest Family YMCA

Ages: 3 - 5

Program Dates: Aug 25 2018 - Oct 13 2018

Member: $40.00

Non-Member: $80.00

Online Registration Will Start on August 9, 2018