My Fit

What is My Fit?

My Fit is a suite of programs designed to help develop and achieve goals to be more healthy and meet your needs, whether for fitness, inspiration or nutrition. We’ll help you develop life-promoting habits. Coaches provide support by working one-on-one with participants and using MobileFit, easy-to-use, web-based software and mobile app, to create and log workouts and stay connected with each other between appointments.

What can My Fit do for you?

  • Set and achieve goals
  • Improve overall wellness
  • Work one-on-one with a wellness coach
  • Track your nutrition
  • Train for a sport

How Does It Work?

There are 3 services to choose from. You can participate in any of them, in any order you like. At the start of your first service, we’ll enroll you in MobileFit, the hub of all your wellness tracking.


Among the various fitness programs offered at the YMCA of Columbia, SmartStart stands out by taking a unique approach to being more healthy. These one on one sessions combine nutritional information and fitness with coach support to encourage participants to meet their goals. 3 sessions: FREE

Healthy Eating:

Healthy Eating includes three sessions with a Healthy Living Coach to identify potential roadblocks to healthy eating. Participants learn how to use the MobileFit Nutrition application to track calories, nutrition, water consumption and will also learn how to use to support healthy eating. 3 sessions: $49

Personal Training:

Get one-on-one fitness training with a nationally certified trainer. Designed to evaluate, motivate, and educate so that you get the most out of every workout. Your trainer will provide motivation to help you meet your goal, train for a sport, get ready for a special event, or just increase your level of health. Our qualified trainers will evaluate your current fitness level and design a specific program for you based on your goals. For new personal training participants only. Six 30-minute sessions: $99


How to Get Started: Come talk to us about My Fit!

Stop by the front desk any time to sign up for My Fit. A wellness coach will contact you to set up your first session meeting and get you started on your path to wellness. Contact the front desk at your local Y with any questions.

How can I access MobileFit once I am enrolled?

Choose one of the many options to access MobileFit; there are touchscreens in your local branch; to print a custom workout and log your results: download the MobileFit App for free on an iPhone; access MobileFit from other smart phones through; or access on your iPad or tablet.