Pool and Swim Lesson Schedules


Jeep Rogers Family YMCA
900 Lake Carolina Drive, Columbia, SC 29229
Aquatics Director: Mackenzie Shannon

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NorthWest Family YMCA
1501 Kennerly Road, Irmo, SC 29063
Aquatics Director: Chelsea Randolph

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Orangeburg County YMCA
2550 St. Matthews Road, Orangeburg, SC 29118
Branch Executive: Tatu Hill

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Can we swim before/after swim lessons? If you are a member you can swim during the family/open swim times. Be sure to check the pool schedule. If you are a non-member you cannot swim outside of swim lessons. See the front desk to inquire about membership.

Will there be Inclement weather make-up classes? If it is the first/ second class we will add additional time to each following lessons. If more than two class make-up dates will be announced by the Aquatics Director ONLY.

Can we switch teachers? You cannot switch teachers due to gender preference or favoritism. Where can I watch my child swim? You can sit on the bleachers or on the benches in the hallway. Being on the edge of the pool distracts not only your child’s progress but the progress of the entire class.

Can I take photos? You are more than welcome to take photos of your children, but be mindful of other children, their parents, and facility staff. Do not tag anyone you do not personally know and do not tag any staff members.

What to eat before swim lessons? Snacks are always encouraged before swim lessons. Refrain from feeding your child a full meal right before lessons in case they swallow water. Their meal may end up in the pool.

How many lessons do we need to take before my child can swim? Every child learns at a different rate and every child has a different goal for their swimming experience.