Community Outreach

Activating People for Good

social-food-driveAt the YMCA of Columbia we pride ourselves on being an integral part of the community. We strive to share our resources with community members and other agencies and organizations who can benefit from collaborations with the Y.

Volunteering can improve personal well-being, build relationships, and provide an outlet to discover purpose.

Research shows that volunteers experience wellness benefits including lower depression, improved mood and self-esteem, less stress, better heart health and lower mortality rates.

Community-building efforts take different forms at every branch and every year we work with groups such as Hannah House, Orangeburg County, local school districts, the Connie Maxwell House, the Justin Pepper Foundation, Good Works and many other charitable organizations through our Togetherhood Program.

Togetherhood leverages the Y’s charitable mission to unlock people’s potential to improve lives and create a more connected society.

Bringing diverse people together to tackle social issues creates more cohesive communities. A culture of volunteerism can also yield social benefits such as lower unemployment, greater income equality, and youth that are more likely to stay in school and avoid risky behaviors.

Contact your local branch to learn more about the various outreach initiatives throughout the year.