Functional Training

Beast Mode FAQs and Expectations

The Jeep Rogers Family YMCA has turned one of our underused tennis courts into a Functional Training program space!

The Functional Training Court is used for high-intensity, constantly varied group exercise classes that incorporate an athletic style of coaching. Join us for any of the Beast Mode group exercise classes!

Class Descriptions:

Beast Mode: Maximum of 25 participants per class. FREE for members. Beast Mode is training for life. Whether it is Olympic lifting, functional movements, obstacle course preparation or gymnastics, our coaches are highly trained in a variety of skills to improve your strength, movements and mobility. All skill levels are welcome to attend as all workouts and movements are scalable.

On Ramp: Members must sign up ahead of time and class is limited to six per one coach. FREE for members. This is a series of four classes over a two-week period that covers basic barbell movements and skills that you will need to be successful in a Beast Mode WOD (Workout of the Day). Each class is 60-75 minutes and consists of a warm up, skill demo, group practice, assessments/feedback and then finished with a short workout that includes the skill learned. All classes will include options to scale or modify, also to progress with the movement as needed. Participants must complete all four On Ramp classes to be allowed to join the Beast Mode WOD classes and Open Gym. Participants can test out of the class with a coach if they have a Crossfit background or experience. Coaches have discretion to have the participant repeat a class if they feel it is necessary.