Lifeguard Training

This course is designed to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills needed to be a lifeguard and professional rescuer. The class includes American Red Cross lifeguarding certification, as well as first aid, CPR and AED certifications. The course presents information on the skills and knowledge lifeguards need in pool, lake, river, surf, and waterpark environments. Course covers safety skills, accident prevention, scanning, guarding techniques, emergency systems, rescue skills, first aid in aquatic environments, spinal injury management, open water dangers, legal responsibilities, pool management, and information on how to get a job as a lifeguard.

Age Requirement: Must be 16 years old by the last day of class

Cost: $75 ($25 nonrefundable)

Items to bring: bathing suit, towel, and proof of age

Pass the following swim test
– Tread water for 2 min (legs only)
– Swim 100 yards of front crawl
– Swim 50 yards of each:
– Front crawl with head up
– Sidestroke
– Breaststroke
– Breaststroke with the head up
– Elementary backstroke kick with hands on the chest
– Feet-first surface dive in 9 feet of water, then swim under water 15 feet

Registration Includes:
– Fanny Pack
– Resuscitation Mask
– Certification Cards (LG, First Aid, CPRO, O2)

Please call Member Services for more information on training.


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