Jeep Rogers Family YMCA Welcomes Jordan Langston

Published On: April 11, 2024Categories: Blog, Jeep Rogers Family YMCA

Countryside upbringing, a love for animals, and a dedication to education – that’s the foundation of Jordan’s journey.

Growing up in Winnsboro, SC, surrounded by rescued creatures thanks to her passionate animal rehabilitator mom, Jordan developed a deep empathy for all living things. From playful raccoons to majestic deer, their sprawling property became a haven for wildlife.

Education became her calling. After graduating from the close-knit Richard Winn Academy, Jordan embarked on an academic adventure, earning an Associate’s Degree in Science and culminating in a Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Arts in Public Health from the University of South Carolina.

A passion for fostering young minds led Jordan to the classroom. For two years, she thrived as a 4th-grade teacher, igniting a love for learning in her students. She utilized her skills as a Behavior and Reading Interventionist at North Central Elementary in Kershaw, SC, empowering students to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Family is her greatest joy. In 2019, Jordan married her husband, Aaron, and their family blossomed with the arrival of their daughter, Ruth, in June 2023.

Beyond family, Jordan finds balance in nature walks, movie nights, and exploring new destinations (with a special place in her heart for Disney!). Her dedication to helping others extends far and wide, as evidenced by her month-long study abroad program focusing on Global Health in Costa Rica.

Now, she joins us as Jeep Rogers Family YMCA’s new Youth Development Director! We are thrilled and know she is going to have an incredible impact on our Youth Development Programs and our Jeep Rogers YMCA Community!!