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Stay Active, Engaged And Connected With Others

At the YMCA of Columbia, we’re dedicated to empowering individuals aged 40 and better to lead vibrant, active, and fulfilling lives. Discover a world of possibilities that will keep you energized, engaged, and connected with like-minded individuals. Our Active Older Adults programs are designed for all, offering a diverse range of activities that span from invigorating physical pursuits to delightful social events and exciting new adventures. With us, you can make this chapter of your life the absolute best one yet! Embrace the opportunity to stay active, nurture meaningful connections, and embark on enriching experiences. Join us as we create a vibrant community together!

Group Exercise Classes

Our YMCAs offer low-impact group exercise classes like Chair Yoga, Cylcle, Fitness for NeuroDiversity, Line Dancing, and water aerobics classes that are easy on the joints and muscles.

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Personal Training

No matter your current ability or location, our personal trainers will help you set new goals and give you the training prescription to attain them. Our Certified Personal Trainers can help you with weight loss, body toning, sport-specific training, injury prevention, and post-rehabilitation, PLUS helping you develop and reach your goals for a healthier you!

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Physical Benefits

Regular exercise improves balance and coordination, especially for adults aged 55 and older who are at a higher risk of falls. Stay active to feel more confident and maintain overall well-being. Prioritize your health and take proactive steps to ensure your safety.

Social Benefits

Our group exercise classes and social events offer the perfect opportunity to make new friends and build lasting connections. Join us to stay active, meet like-minded individuals, and enjoy a supportive community.

Mental Health Benefits

Engaging in consistent physical activity can bring about remarkable enhancements to your mental well-being and cognitive abilities.

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